Stop wearing a bra yeah right you say! As a woman is it healthy to not wear a bra as all the celebrities seem to be doing it? Vogue magazine first used the term brassiere in 1907, and by 1911 the word had made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary ~ The Atlantic

Keep reading this blog if you want the answer… if you’re looking for a healthy way to move away from the conventional underwire bra for better health then you don’t want to miss this blog.

tight underwire braStop wearing a bra for good health

Breast health is a big issue and more people are starting to take notice of the rates of breast cancer rise.

Boobs, breasts, bosoms whatever you want to call them are amazing and are there for when we need to feed our babies, help us to detox and feel empowered as a woman.

Stop wearing a bra – our history

From a young age, we are given bras and programmed to believe that if we stop wearing a bra will become saggy to our knees and shapeless. We are constantly shown images of women with busting bosoms and how easy it is to make your own set look a few sizes bigger.

We are bombarded with pictures of flawless beautiful (photoshopped) women in underwear. The marketing has been clever in making us think we need this sexy wired, tight, lacy undergarment in order to feel sexy, accepted and glamorous.

I never really questioned where this information came from and why we need to wear underwire bras (did you?), it’s just the social norm, right?

But what if this social norm is hindering our optimal health?

Now after years of not wearing an underwire bra or bra most the time I can honestly say, everything it’s the best thing ever.

Yes, you heard right ladies at almost 40 I’ve been told my breasts feel amazing, they look great and help me regulate my hormones. In this blog, I’ll share how I did it and how you too can move away from wearing a tight underwire bra.

[Tweet “No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt”]

Why shouldn’t you wear a bra?

I am not telling you to completely stop wearing a bra, as you need to make your own choice, but I’ll let you in on how I moved away from wearing the tradition tight, push up underwire ones.

I hope it will you to experience the joy, happiness and freedom I do – Right here in this blog, I am opening myself to being vulnerable and criticised.

breast lymph flow infographic

Stop wearing a bra – the facts

All parts of our bodies have a function to play and by restricting movement we are stopping the natural flow of energy and our lymph system.

If we were to have another body part like an arm or a leg wrapped up so tight it could hardly move (remember this is on a daily basis for most) the muscles would weaken and toxins might build, so why is it ok to do this with our breasts?

The breast has apocrine glands composed of connective tissues which help with the flow of lymphatic fluid. Science has proven we have more lymphatic fluid in our body than there is blood.

Our lymphatic system is critical to our body’s ability to drain stagnant fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances.

If our lymphatic system is compromised then we can’t maintain a healthy immune system which can lead to breast cancer the second most popular cancer after lung.

In Sydney Ross Singer’s book ‘dressed to kill‘ he explains how poor circulation caused by the constriction of straps and metal underwire of bras can lead to an accumulation of problems over time.

Something to think about right? If you want to know more check out Sydney Ross Singer speaking about this topic with my good friends Justin & Kate over at Extreme Health Radio, it inspired me to take up the challenge!


What happened when I stopped wearing a bra?

So after reading up, watching videos and listening to podcasts about this topic, I thought why not give it a go?

As a newbie I thought – If I don’t feel any benefits I can just go back to bra tight, sometimes padded underwire bra.

Fast forward to now and the thought of wearing a tight bra feels restricted and unnatural.

Now for those of you thinking she must have small ones, or not care they are flopping all over the place, I can definitely say I have more than an ample amount with a D cup size and I do care about how they look.

I think you’ll be surprised with the outcomes of my liberating bra-less-ness experience and more importantly, they look better, feel firmer and more buoyant.

no bra image lady's back

Stop wearing a bra – and get a boob lift

Lots of women have experienced a breast lift, because not wearing a bra means muscle can build, so they don’t flop around, but move gracefully and detox you like they should. Here are the results of my free the boobies challenge:

  • I don’t get tender sore or itchy breasts around that time of month anymore (the tenderness thing was a big issue for me)
  • I’ve had a breast lift, they definitely don’t sag and feel firm (ladies did you read that?)
  • I have a few tops I wore over summer which had a bit of built-in support (I have never worn them without a bra before and never thought I could), not only did none of my friend’s notice I wasn’t wearing a bra, a few commented on how good they looked!
  • I don’t have to worry about bra strap marks to hold them up as I can wear loose fitting no underwire bras or singlets with built-in support
  • I used to get bad shoulder pains from the bra straps digging in and trying to keep my boobs up, sometimes this would turn into neck pain, you guessed, not anymore
  • It’s very liberating not wearing a constrictive bra, you have a sense of feeling free, and it’s definitely more comfortable
  • It’s cost-saving and cheaper to buy boob tubes, supportive tops and non-underwire bras


sleeping-naked improves your health graphic


What about exercise?

I do exercise regularly and before I used to wear two bras when doing a cardio class to make sure my boobs were firmly in place (I also thought  I might tear a muscle).

Back then I might have done some damage as my boobs had no strength and weren’t used to moving. These days when I do weights, yoga, qigong walks in nature and occasionally cycle, for all of these all I use a semi-supportive sports top.

I found after a few weeks of not wearing a bra I could wear looser fitting sports tops as my boobs are stronger and can handle a bit of bounce. Listen to your body it will tell you if what you’re doing is too much.

yoga in loose bra

How can you start to stop wearing a bra?

  • For those of you that sleep in a bra – take it off! I never have and it might take some getting used to, but you will feel better wearing loose-fitting clothing to bed and no bra
  • I started wearing loose-fitting sports bras, to begin with until the muscle built up and I was more confident about the idea. Gradually easing into it is the best solution, especially if you are bigger in the bust. Learn to listen to your body it will tell you what feels right
  • After a few weeks, I moved onto also wearing slightly snug boob tubes, you can feel your boobs moving when you do. It’s a nice feeling not having straps showing and being able to wear any top
  • I have a few singles that have an elastic band for boob support, it’s not tight around my midsection, but enough to give my boobs a bit of support
  • I’ve read about women who take an old bra and remove the underwire as a starting point
  • If you’re worried about erect nipples showing, you can buy reusable nipple covers, the stars do it all the time on the red carpet

I would start this over a weekend when you know you are going to be home, so you can wear other comfy clothing, feel free and test out a few options to find the best one for you.

The bras tops and boob tubes I wear are a fraction of the cost of the bras I used to buy. In the long run, your going to be saving yourself money and possibly space, especially if you have a lot of padded bras.

It also doesn’t mean you never have to wear a bra again, as there are those special occasions when you want to make an impact with your partner, but I’m guessing it won’t be on for long anyway.

Her ‘bra free’ opinion

I encourage my friend’s to go – free the boobies. I think most probably think I’m crazy and can’t believe I don’t wear an underwired bra, but a few have taken up the ‘free the boobies’ challenge and here’s what they’ve found going braless has done for them.

bridgetBridget ~ Musician & Music Teacher

I’m pleased to report that, for the most part, my boobies are the free-est they’ve ever been.

I’m not the most busty of babes, but the ladies are very happy to have cast off the full-time shackles of the underwire! When I used to wear every day, I would always look forward to the relief of undoing the clasps in the evening when I got home.

I’ve had proper bra fittings, so it wasn’t that my bras were uncomfortable as such – but I was just so much MORE comfortable when the boobies were commando.

Most of the time, I’m either fully free, or wearing a crop-top/bra-let type thing. BUT I’m also in a full-on, jump around, shake-that-thang band, so usually have to sass things up with a push-up bra for shows in the weekend.

Sometimes there’s no harm in a little va-va-voom, though I’m glad that the twins get to be free most of the time! A definite revelation – thanks, Bo!

Rachel ~ Event Manager & Entrepreneur

I really took on board what Bo told me about this campaign and I have been doing it for the last 6 months and feel a lot less restrained and way more comfortable. It’s something I’m going to keep doing. I will also encourage other women to take up the challenge for better breast health.


Celeste ~ Actress & Barista

Recently I travelled halfway across the world which took over 24 hours and thoughtlessly, I wore an underwire bra. Big mistake. It was so uncomfortable and restricted and I got a rash from it. I’ve been trying Bo’s free the boobies campaign for a while and it has really helped lessen skin irritation – as I have sensitive skin. But the best thing is that I actually feel and look slimmer not wearing a bra or ones without a wire.

His ‘bra free’ opinion…

I know a man’s opinion is just as important, so I’ve done the fieldwork for you by asking a selection of guys the following questions:

  1. Would it bother you if your partner didn’t wear a bra?
  2. Which of the following best describes how you feel when a women takes off her bra and half her boobs comes off with the bra: disappointed as they aren’t how they looked when she had clothes on or don’t care/notice?


Daren ~ Designer & Actor

  1. It won’t bother me at all if my partner didn’t wear an underwire bra.
  2. I much prefer when women are honest about their breast size I’d rather know upfront how big they are. Also breast size isn’t really that much of a big deal in my opinion, breast health is the most important factor.


Matthew ~ Designer & Boxer

  1. On a day to day basis I wouldn’t care if my partner didn’t wear an underwire bra. However I do feel that on a special occasion if my partner was wearing an elegant dress, perhaps an underwire bra could help to create a sexy feminine shape. But her health is more important to me.
  2. I wouldn’t say I’ve been ‘disappointed’ because I find all shapes and sizes attractive. However it would concern me that perhaps she is insecure.


Paul ~ Business Development Manager/ Musician

  1. I’m sure I would speak for most men and say absolutely not. Personally, I think it looks great but it may cause a bit of jealousy if too many other guys notice the ‘freed boobies’. Of course if she chose not to wear a bra out then I would support it or should I say them?
  2. I really don’t care. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and they’re all lovely. Most guys are aware of padded bras so I don’t see the point. If a girl takes her bra off in my company then I certainly won’t be disappointed.

Feel empowered ladies, throw caution to the wind and give yourself a free boob lift, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

So when shopping next time look for seamless construction bras in soft, natural fibres, which are also sweat wicking, temperature adjusting and anti-bacterial. Free your boobs!

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