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 Tea and the cultivation of mindfulness practices are an essential part of my life. Through tea, I have learnt many life lessons, met amazing people and it has helped me connect with nature deeper.

Yes, I sell tea in my shop but I also want to connect with you to make sure you get the right tea for you. My tea mindfulness space is a place to connect and join a community of tea loving people. We support and encourage each other.

Never did I think I would be on such an amazing journey with tea and herbs. I’m very grateful to hold this space for nature and would love to support you on your journey too…


Tea & Herbs

Herbal teas are often referred to as a tisanes or tea and herbs rather than tea which I’ll explain why later in this blog.

Herbal teas are described as any beverage made from the infusion of herbs, spices, barks, roots, leaves, flowers or other plant material in hot water, they are naturally caffeine-free and can be served hot or cold. Herbal teas hold key information and healing we can tap into and have an ancient past all around the globe.

What is tea mindfulness?

I’ve been very blessed to be able to hold tea mindfulness sessions with organic tea in which I guide you to connect with the tea as we all drink in tea in silence. This is a great way to honour nature, ourselves and each other. It’s a simple practice that you can take home with you and share with others as well.

The types of tea I serve during these sessions will depend on the occasion and time of the month. Deep thought and preparation go into these sessions as herbs are a medicine we can use to energetic cleanse and revitalise ourself with.

Why buy herbal teas from me?

Through tea ceremony, I have been blessed to know and connect deeply with Fehreen Ali the owner of Tea Coup and whose grandmother was a spice blender. When you drink her tea’s you aren’t just drinking tea but supporting a local small business, drinking years of experience in blending from an ayurvedic tradition and all her teas are hand-blended on the full moon.
Her teavotion and wisdom is something special and I’m very blessed to be able to share her tea with others. The feedback I get is always the same “I can’t drink those supermarket teas anymore” and that makes me smile.

Herbal Tea vs Tea Ceremonies

When talking about tea or tea and herbs there is sometimes no distinction as people have a different idea about what tea is, which is understandable given tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world after water.

Tea is often referred to as coming from the East and comes from one plant Camellia sinensis. When I talk about tea ceremonies this is the type of tea I’m referring to. When I talk about tea ritual or meditation I’m referring to the herbal kingdom.

Both are powerful and have traditions attached. For me, herbal tea is something I’ve been drinking for a very long time it is more accessible as it’s as easy as getting some herbs from your garden and steeping them in a teapot.

Tea ceremony for me has helped me to connect to plants in a different way and dive deeper into meditation and ceremony. Each has many benefits and each has connected me to inspiring people I’m honoured to call my friends.

After years of holding tea ceremonies, I have decided this is a practice I will now be holding more privately. It is something I do daily and love, but it feels right to not have this as my main form of serving tea unless asked to come somewhere as a guest. For now, tea ceremony with me will be by invite only and for those in my inner circle community.

My teaware has aged, I’ve had aged and as I learn more and go deeper into my practices I realise how much time it takes for me to prepare and have space afterwards where we can have conversations and not be limited by the time of a venue.

My journey with tea

After that first tea ceremony, I was hooked and wanted to know more and start my own tea practice. As a child, my Chinese grandma used to always drink black tea and we always had Chinese tea with dinner as ‘it’s good to digest the food’ she would say.

I remember my other Asian grandma had gifted my parents a beautiful tea set which was gold and white and had dragons in it. One day I thought I would have that, but unfortunately, it got broken when they moved.

It is only now that I understand why drinking tea, the teaware, water, space and heart is so essential to making good tea.

Fast forward to now where I’ve done a tea course at the Tea Sage Hut to deepen my practice and understand what it is to live a life of tea. Tea has changed my life and I’ve met the kindest hearted people through it. The practice of meditation tea ceremony and gong fu help me navigate life better.

Tea ceremony is the simple act of drinking leaves in a bowl in silence and letting go of the worries of your monkey mind. It’s so simple yet every piece of teaware and gesture has a purpose. Tea ceremony never stops as it becomes part of your life and how you choose to conduct yourself moving through it.

I understand my journey will be a lifelong one with tea and the power of simplicity it holds to help us stay in balance with our bodies, nature, minds and hearts.

What happens in a tea ceremony?

After all the guests have arrived I give an intro, talk about the tea we are going to drink and share something that relates to life and the tea session. It is a space of no judgement, openness, kindness and joy.

Next, we drink the tea in silence, letting go of the evaluative mind as the tea gives us something to focus on. The way it touches our mouth, the texture and the qi we feel from it. In a space of quiet gratitude, we can start to open our hearts and feel an inner sense of calm and in a group, this is so powerful.

After enough bowls of tea have been served, we take a moment to just be and then have a chat. People are free to say as little or as much as they want.

I have found that by drinking tea and being present with it, this folds over into other areas of our lives. I now do one thing at a time, I feel calmer, I can handle stressful situations better, I see the world differently,  and it has unlocked in me a way to be of service to others.

Connect through tea

I realised I’m not the only one who doesn’t drink alcohol or go out to clubs and bars. Serving tea along with other holistic events I hold is a nice way to meet like-minded people and form true connections.

The after effect of a tea ceremony is a feeling of calmness and love with everyone who drank tea with you.  No two ceremonies are ever the same! Drink tea and make freinds.

If you want to know more about tea ceremony then check out the global tea community I’m part of The Global Tea Hut It’s a not for profit, they have amazing tea, teaware and monthly magainze that comes with (you guessed it) tea.

What tea should you use for tea ceremonies?

For each ceremony, I ask permission from the tea to let me be of service and which tea I should serve. Each time it’s been a wonderful choice with a string of coincidences.

I get my tea from people I know who source responsibility such as Global tea hut, The Steepery  or Arakai estate to name a few.

I’m careful of the tea’s I buy as I really want to support the idea of wild, organic farming of tea. I also make my tea last by drinking less of it and learning how to serve tea it better so I can get more of the qi of tea with less.

By serving tea in a sacred way such as in ceremony I am fully present when drinking and serving the tea and so are others I drink it with. If we start to do this in other area’s of our life too we will start to see the magic it brings us and feel the compassion that washes over us with each sip.


What People Are Saying

The power and Potency of the Sacred Tea poured and infused through Bo followed by the Top Shelf Chakra Healing TRANSFORMATIONAL Process by Adelle will influence me forever. Magical Evening Sisters beyond grateful. Deep Bow.

Jessica Gale

This is a beautiful, nourishing circle for the ladies. The space created feels safe and accepting. I like that I can come to a circle and if I feel lively and interactive, that's welcome....and if I feel inward and quiet...that's welcome too. There is a wonderful flow to the way each circle unfolds depending on the women who attend and what the theme is... and where ever we are on our journeys, the tea ceremony always seems to gently bring us back into a place of belonging and togetherness.

Mai Hawthorne

Thank you for the lovely bowl tea ceremony on saturday Bo! It was such a beautiful experience, the natural bush setting and your expertise made it quite magickal!

Pippa Bertel

I had no idea what to expect, other than sipping tea with other women and that a Medicine and Native American Buffalo theme with drumming and Tibetan bowls was going to be infused. I brought my close girlfriend along, who has also never attended any such ceremonial settings...and wow... We were both BLOWN AWAY!!!
Bo's tea ceremony brought this gorgeous, elegant, gentle sharing of tea sitting in silent meditation of women coming together, to receive and open our hearts and bodies to the magical experience of opening me to dimensions of other lives. The drumming and Tibetan Bowls was outworldly, invoking my astral travels to memories that would later reveal who I am and rising up to be.
Rebekah Rose

Quite the magical experience. Fell in to one of the deepest meditive states I've ever been in. Visuals and a ulitimate sense of relaxation all rolled in to one. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you again

Austin Thomas

I could have drank tea all night and it seems to remove the ego. The whole ceremony was unique and profoundly different. Thank you ladies.

John Bevelander

Bo has a lovely way with people, she knows how to make them feel supported and at ease. The tea ceremonies are always a delight to be a part of, Bo is great at holding space for the people around her to openly express anything that comes up while taking their meditative journies inward. Thank you for bringing such beautiful practices into my life Bo.

Sarah Heironymus

I just had the most beautiful experience sitting in Bo's goddess circle. Ceremony, connection and remembering...such a powerful and heart opening night

Danielle McIsaac

What a beautiful ceremony and a group of women. My experience of peace and feeling of oneness with the universe and the group was amazing. The facilitators held the space beautifully. The women attending spanned all stages of life and were so open about their experience and supportive of each other. I recommend you experience this for yourself and you will understand what i mean.

Joanne Moore


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