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Cleansing your space will help the energies in your house to be balanced. I love to smudge my space after my weekly house clean or before a mindfulness practice.  You can start at the front door of the home and light then use your smudge stick to slowly move around the home. Move with the intention to mindfully cleanse your space, allowing the smoke to drift into even the hidden spaces, like inside closets and corners.

Tea Ritual Tools

Tea ritual can help you form of communion with yourself and nature. Drinking tea in a clean space, in silence and mindfulness can help you experience of the power of tea ritual.


Every handmade card is a work of art that was created in mindfulness and with love.  When you gift one of my cards on, you are not only sending a card but also positive energy with good intentions.

Each handmade piece of work is as unique as each person in the world. Handmade supports local business and keeps the art of crafting alive for future generations. Thank you for your support and sending a little note of love to someone who needs it.

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