Smoothies are something I personally love. It’s easy to make a smoothie and once you get used to drinking healthy smoothies packed with raw nutrition, the energy boost and taste and is just something you want to include in your day. As I’m out and about most of the time smoothies are a quick way to satisfy my snacking cravings and you soon discover what vegetables and fruits work best for you. When you puree food into a smoothie (especially greens) it makes it easier to digest taking up less of your body’s energy in the digestive process.

  1. Takeaway please!

    Swap your morning coffee for a smoothie, if kept cool and in a sealed cup, most green smoothies will stay fresh for 24 hours or more, so you can prepare one the night before.

  2. Snack time

    If you’re constantly hungry and eating snacks all day, fill up on a smoothie instead. The extra fiber in a green smoothie could be the answer to your appetite cravings and help you lose a little podge.

  3. All clogged up?

    Constipation is a pretty common, especially if you eat processed foods, start cutting them out and have a green smoothie as it won’t just fill you up but helps at the other end, too.

  4. Suffer from heartburn or acid reflux?

    Green smoothies are naturally alkaline and might help wipe that burning pain in your chest.

  5. A small change

    By making this small change to include smoothies in your life you will start to feel the benefits and for me it lead to juicing and a heap of other healthy changes. I now have more energy and have become more aware of what I’m eating and drinking. If you’re finding it hard to get the right balance, start with less greens and more fruit smoothies and gradually work your way up to include more green.


Don’t be discouraged if your attempts at smoothie making go wrong, its a lesson of what doesn’t go together and remember less is more. When you first start out it’s exciting and the choice of what you add can be overwhelming and it’s tempting to add lots of ingredients thinking it will be better for you. Just remember the hare never won the race, so go easy on yourself, start off slowly and learn what you like and what you dont.

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