I challenged myself this year by letting go of my fear of being in front of a camera, as I am normally happy to be behind it. I had been holding back on doing YouTube video’s because I didn’t want to be criticised. I had to let go be ok to put things up even if they are perfect in my eyes. So much has changed and I keep continuing to learn, grow and trust my intuition.

This is my Empowered Women’s Channel Youtube series. I have created these to give people to easy access to quick recipes, healthy tips and connect with me on a more personal level. I think with all the images floating around and clever branding it’s easy to just assume you know what a person is like. Being in a video gives you a different perspective so you can really see what I am like and that I truly do want to inspire people to live healthier lives.

I am human my life is not perfect! I try my best and want to present myself as authentically as I can online, so I often ask myself is this what love would do? If you want to support me then sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of the website and buy a digital copy of my recipe book in which I took all the photos, designed and wrote it all!

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The more I learn about how the ancient scholars lived to stay healthy, the more it becomes clear we have moved so far away from how we can live easily to be healthy. Life is an epic journey, I am glad I am discovering my passions and that if something is not simple there is a giant red flag that needs to be looked at. Moving to Australia has been a real struggle, as I have had to restart my life all over with no $$$ or friends, but somehow it has got me closer to my mission. Please leave a comment if you would like me to do more videos!

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