If you follow my blog you will notice I do like liquids a lot. Well now I want to show you how easy it is to flavor your water with the healing benefits of honey, ginger and essential oils.

I love using Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils, me and my client’s have had amazing results and they can be used in so many areas of your life. Yes essential oils have just become part of my daily routine and help me get away from all the nasty chemicals that surround us, heal me on a cellular level, keep me focused and enhance my naturally amazing scent.

I have never personally experienced anything negative from them and I use them daily. The seed to seal process Young Living have is awesome! I love that they are so transparent about this and you can really see where and how everything grows.

Drinking essential oils

Adding oils to your water is one one to ingest them and it is super beneficial for our overall health. You can really taste the flavour of the oils, it’s super convenient for those in a rush and helps those who can’t just drink water to up their hydration throughout the day. Every oil is like a unique magical potion with it’s own healing properties and in this video I have chosen to use lavender and lime essential oil.

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When making this drink I also used raw honey, but you can use whatever organic natural sweetener you want, or none at all. I also love taking this with me to a lunch or dinner that I have been invited to as an alternative to alcohol, as don’t tend to drink these days. Be sure to use a glass bottle when storing your tonic as the oils can dissolve the petrochemicals in the plastic, and you don’t want to be ingesting that.  I also find glass easier to clean, looks better and lasts longer than plastic!

I only use 1 drop of lavender as more than that makes it way too overpowering and you won’t be able to drink it (more is not always better when it comes to oils). You can also add ice, sliced fruit and fresh mint to make it extra special, just enjoy your drink.  If you let the water sit, the oils may raise up to the top, which is normal so all you have to do is just swirl it around.

*Please be aware this is not something to do daily as essential oils are a powerful form or plant medicine and I tend to have this drink occasionally.

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