Why You Should Drink Coconut Water

Despite the challenges living in a third world country like the Philippines, there is a lot to like. One of those this is coconut water and being a tropical country, coconut is abundant here, it’s affordable and in abundance .

This is hands down one of my favorite drinks you can literally drinking fresh out of its shell, so cool and refreshing. Not only is it cool and refreshing it offers a lot of health benefits that some athletes like John Isner swear by.

Unfortunately for people living in the western world, coconut water is expensive and mostly only available in packaged form. Most of it already has been filtered, pasteurized and contains added sugars to improve taste, if you want it at its purest form which is drinking it out of a shell, you’d have to travel to Hawaii or the tropics just to get a taste of it.

Why You Should Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is an acquired taste, it is a combination of sweet and salty that is best consumed chilled. Please do not confuse this with coconut oil as the latter is extracted from coconut meat, coconut water is what it is – the liquid inside the shell of a coconut.

When it first entered the market around a decade ago, manufacturers went as far as claiming that this supposedly miraculous health drink can prevent diseases but those claims have been shot down by nutritionists.

But it does have some benefits particularly for fighting dehydration. It’s relatively low sugar content make this great alternative to fruit juice which is the first benefit that I’ll discuss below.

1. A Great Alternative To Store Bought Juices

Coconut water has relatively low sugar content when you compare it to artificially sweetened store bought juices. A cup of unsweetened coconut water (240 grams worth) only contains 6 grams of sugar. The same amount of apple juice easily triples that amount at 24 grams of sugar.

This lessens the possibility of weight gain and spiked blood glucose levels after meals.

2. Natural Treatment For Dehydration

The high electrolyte content of coconut water makes this a highly effective treatment for dehydration and heatstroke, even more so that fruit juices and water but the important thing to remember here is how you consume this.

Some have claimed that coconut water can be safely injected inside the blood stream as a replacement for an IV but doctors have refuted this claim saying that “It isn’t an optimal IV solution because it does not have enough sodium content to stay in the blood stream”.

But when given orally it works better at treating dehydration caused by diarrhea or colon operations better than a synthetic energy drink like Gatorade because it has high electrolyte content – its main advantage over water [1].

3. Nature’s Secret Sauce For Better Skin

If you want to have healthy skin, one of the best things you can do is to drink lots of water, up to 2 liters per day to keep yourself hydrated.

Next to water, coconut water is another great alternative if want to add a bit of flavor to your drink because it is a good source of carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C – both of which are essential to your skin’s health.

How do you consume coconut water?

The best way to consume this is drinking it fresh right off the shell but if you don’t have access to fresh coconuts try looking for something unsweetened, it’s a bit expensive and I wouldn’t recommend you buying those drinks but if you must get something that does not have any added sweeteners.

Another way to enjoy this is by mixing it with fresh juice recipes or smoothies. It will help dilute the bitterness of green leafy vegetables and increase the volume of any fresh juice you’ll make. It’s a great substitute if you feel that water is too bland for juice recipes that is.

If you’ve tried coconut water, I’d like to hear from you. Did you like how it tastes? Have you tasted fresh coconut water out of the nut, please share it in the comments below.

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