Why choose Yerba Mate tea?

Whether it’s black or green, leaf or bean, statistics say that tea and coffee are almost certainly part of your morning ritual and yerba mate is fast becoming a natural alternative to give you an energy boost in the morning.

Bedouin coffee in Turkey, green tea in Japan, black tea in the United Kingdom…we know the associations.  A less known favourite, however, is that of South America; in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Peru, they drink yerba mate. Yerba is now making an appearance globally and even the northernmost United States, and if you haven’t heard the hubbub, tune in! 

Here are a few of the persuasive facts that are pushing people to revise their hot drink principles at a startlingly increasing rate.

Yerba Mate Tea Image in sackSustainability

Yerba mate grows best in the shade, and many distribution companies are ensuring that their product comes from directly under the rainforest canopy.

 The reforestation of South America occupies real estate on nearly every eco-conscious mind in the world, and for good reason—pastures and cash crops are eating up the Amazon like a rampant amoeba.

By purchasing yerba mate grown from areas purposefully reforested to facilitate a better growing habitat for the product, you are reinforcing an export market for yerba mate, and taking a stand against the loss of the world’s rainforest.


One wonderful thing about mate is that you can drink it anywhere, at any temperature, at any time of day, in combination with any number of flavours.  When prepared traditionally, with a gourd and filter straw (bombilla), mate is delicious enough… but prepared as there, with ice-cold water and your choice of fruit juices, fragrances, herbs, etc, you’ll find that mate isn’t at all limited by its unique taste.

Yerba Mate health benefits infographic

I’ll say it again: mate can be drank anywhere!  With a thermos of hot water, a gourd, and a bombilla, you can brew your mate fresh in the kitchen, at the office, in the park, or on the commute between. 

Not surprisingly, in places where mate has long been an integral part of the societal diet, it is not uncommon to see people with their gourds next to their laptops at a conference table. 

I expect that the ratio of coffee cups to mate gourds in the hands of suited CEOs is going to undergo a drastic turning of the tables in the next couple of decades.

 Yerba Mate Health benefits

If A and B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and polyphenol antioxidants have been lacking in your diet, maybe it’s time to switch up your morning ritual a bit. 

Drinking yerba mate for the kick in the pants you crave from coffee may not seem the ideal trade-off at first, but many who’ve made the switch will swear by the smooth heat of the gourd, and no longer need a mug in their hands to open their eyes all the way. 

Furthermore, coffee’s acidity is terrible for the vocal cords, and drinking mate from the bombilla (especially at cooler temperatures) is much easier on your voice.

Yerba Mate Style from Yerba Montana

Although for some odd reason we’re ashamed to admit our adherence to fads and fashions, the really-quite-true of it is that we care (to at least some extent) about our image. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING.

Drinking yerba mate says to the crowd (whether you’re in slacks, a paisley skirt, or jeans), “I’m looking forward to this day.  I’m treating my body well because frankly, my body deserves it. I enjoy the conversation we’re having. Let’s take the time to pour a little more water in the gourd, which was handmade in Uruguay, by the way.  Let’s try new things and let’s bring back a sense of community! 

Have you tried yerba mate?  Here—let me offer you some!”

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