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Tea mindfulness is a grassroots movement in which we can connect through tea. Tea and herbs are more than just a hot beverage, tea and herbs are sacred and through tea ritual, you can learn to quiet your mind, open your heart and connect with nature. Each tea in my shop is locally sourced and carefully selected with the intention of being more than just a bag of standard tea. It holds an understanding of nature, a way to boost your wellness and calm your mind.

As a small Gold Coast business with a focus of serving women I collaborate with like minded people to bring tea infused events. Learn how to relax the body is the first step as so many are over stressed and anxious. Tea is something everyone is familiar with, it comes in many forms and is the second most consumed drink after water. So I invite you to connect with me through a bowl of tea.




Why is the tea I sell different?


The tea’s in my shop are locally hand blended, made with the lunar rhythms and prayer. You are not just buying herbs that are repackaged, but carefully sourced with sacred wisdom. The energy infused in each bag is powerful, made with love and infused with years of tradition and a respect for nature and it’s elementals. Tea Mindfulness is also about the practice of how you drink your tea, your lifestyle and honoring the environment we live in.

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Tea ritual is all about concentrating on the moment and noticing the smallest details from the aroma of the tea to the space you are in. While drinking tea forget your worries, forget about the before and after just try to be present with the tea.

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